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FORD 9", ø340mm, C6 Z06, PARKING BRAKE
FORD 9", ø340mm, C6 Z06, PARKING BRAKE

The KORE3 ø340mm C6 Z06 Rear Big-Brake Kit for the big-bearing Torino Ford 9" rear axle applications adapts high-performance, high-quality, 6th generation (C6 Z06) Corvette brake components to your Ford 9" equipped vehicle. Finally, a rear big-brake solution with the best of both worlds in both performance and convenience. Kit includes provisions for ø190mm, drum-in-hat, C5/C6 parking brake utilizing the drum that is integrally cast into the C6 Z06 rear rotors.

This ø340mm C6 Z06 kit is designed to be used in conjunction with similar front C6 Z06 kits. The calipers and rotors are massive and make a visual statement like no other for the money. There is vast aftermarket support for C6 Z06 Corvette rotors and brake pads to suit nearly anybody's needs and/or budget, making the KORE3 big-brake conversion a nearly unbeatable combination for the front and rear of any muscle car, whether you're grocery getting, pro-touring, or a little bit of both.

Both Ford and the aftermarket offer several versions of the 9" housings with the most common described below. Dimensions represent H X W X Offset where H=Vertical Hole Separation, W=Horizontal Hole Separation, and Offset=Distance from Axle Shaft Flange to Outside of Bearing.

  • Small-Bearing (ø2.835"): 2.00 X 3.31 X 2.66
  • Big-Bearing (ø3.150"): 2.38 X 3.50 X 2.36
  • Big-Bearing Torino (ø3.150"): 2.00 X 3.56 X 2.50

  1. Standard rotor configuration is 5 x 4.75" with ø70.5mm center pilot (GM). Alternative rotor configurations are available. Please contact for details.

  2. Axle flanges may need to be machined to be less than ø5.9" outside diameter to properly mate with rotors.

  3. Access hole through axle flange for retainer bolts is strongly recommended.

  4. Minimum ø18" wheels are recommended, however not all ø18" wheels will fit. Verify wheel fitment prior to ordering using the appropriate KORE3 fitment template. Wheel fitment is the buyer's responsibilty. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your specific application or the proper use of the templates.

  5. Vehicles equipped with staggered shocks may require two left hand calipers for proper caliper bleeder screw placement. The C6 Z06 calipers can be coverted from one hand to the other by swapping the bleeders and the cross-over tubes. The brackets are ambidextrous and can be installed facing forward or rearward, inline with the pinion.

  6. Only the ACDelco pad kit includes the caliper guide pins necessary to install the pads into the calipers.

The following items are included in this kit:

  • Installation instructions

  • KORE3 Ford 9" DIHPB Big-Brake Bracket Kit (select below)

  • FlexKORE™ 2-piece Brake Line Kit

  • C6 Z06 Rear Caliper Kit (select below)

  • C6 Z06 Rear Pad Kit (select below)

  • C6 Z06 Rear Rotors (select below)

Build your kit selecting from the options below. If you have any questions regarding your specific application or don't see an option you may prefer, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Price: $1861.00

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KORE3 News:

Notice: C6 Z06 caliper availability is limited. Please contact us for current stock and color options.

KORE3 is now offering products by Hydratech Braking Systems™, the industry leader in hydraulic brake assist conversions for the pro-touring market. While we're updating our website, please let us know if you have any questions concerning their hydraulic brake assist systems.

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