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Our mission at KORE3 Industries is to provide high performance custom automotive components of the highest quality and value. From pounding the pavement to tackling the rocks, we believe that compromising quality is never an option. Everybody at KORE3 is an automotive enthusiast aiming to do whatever is necessary to make sure that KORE3 customers always get the best value products and services.


About Us...

KORE3 Industries was founded in 2005 by Tobin and Mikhail Knighton out of a desire to provide other like-minded automotive enthusiasts top quality products backed by excellent service and support.

At our disposal, we have two mechanical engineering degrees in addition to a combined 25+ years of machine design, 50+ years hands-on metal fabrication, welding, and machining, and 50+ years automotive addiction. KORE3 products have been developed using modern engineering and manufacturing methods to ensure the highest levels of quality and performance.

Ultimately, it's the customers that make the business and we would like to thank both our current and future customers, without whom KORE3 would not exist.

Tobin Knighton

Tobin Knighton

Mikhail Knighton

Mikhail Knighton

KORE3 News:

Notice: C6 Z06 calipers availability is limited. Please contact us for current stock and color options.

KORE3 is a proud dealer for Hydratech Braking Systems™, the industry leader in hydraulic brake assist conversions for the pro-touring market.

Upcoming Closures:

Independence Day (Observed): Monday July 5th

Labor Day: Monday Sept 26th

KORE3 is continuing operations during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic with the understanding that we will continue to do what we can, when we can, without putting ourselves, our customers, our vendors, or our community at unnecessary risk. Your patience is much appreciated while we figure out how to provide the same great products and service we've always offered in this new and challenging business environment.