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This KORE3 billet race hub kit was designed for GM tall-spindle and GMF3 spindle applications with the larger .844" outer bearing journal diameter. Please refer to the GM Big-Brake Application Chart for vehicle compatability and application specific notes. KORE3 hubs are a clean, strong, lightweight solution for anybody wanting to run slip-on rotors on their GM tall-spindle equipped car. Hubs were designed to complement KORE3 big-brake kits.

  1. Hub kit is provided with ARP wheel studs, bearings, and seals based on what is selected from the pull down menu below. Wheel studs options are 1/2"-20 screw-in ARP Wheel Studs or M12-1.5 press-in ARPwheel studs. Press-in studs are installed by KORE3 while screw-in studs are shipped loose. Billet Grease Caps are included as standard.

  2. KORE3 billet hubs decrease track width .03" [.8 mm] per side over stock applications, making the overall track width .06" [1.6 mm] narrower than stock.

  3. All GM tall-spindles with SET6 inner wheel bearings are compatible with KORE3 tall-spindle big-brake conversion hub and bracket kits. GM made two primary versions of the tall-spindle (non-ABS), Ø11" and Ø12", as they are typically described by the nominal diameter of the brake rotor that originally fit each respective spindle. Thus, GM Ø11" and Ø12" tall-spindles are virtually the same spindle, just with slightly different cast caliper mounts to accomodate different size rotors. Again, the Ø11" and Ø12" dimensions denote the nominal rotor diameter, not the spindle itself. Since the cast caliper mounts must be removed (cut) from the spindles for installation of the KORE3 big-brake caliper bracket kit and C5/C6 components, either tall-spindle is equally suitable.

    GM tall-spindles came in two variations with respect to the outer wheel bearing size. The outer wheel bearing journal diameter of the spindle may be either Ø.750" [Ø19.05 mm] or Ø.844" [Ø21.44 mm], and these hubs are only compatible with the .844" variants. Click here for image of tall-spindle.

The following items are included in this kit:

  • Installation instructions

  • (2) KORE3 Billet Hubs: GM Tall-Spindle
    • CNC machined
    • 70751-T6511 billet aluminum
    • Dual 5 x 4-3/4" wheel patterns
    • 3.03 lb [1.37 kg] each
    • Anodized black

  • (1) Hardware kit
    • (10) 1/2"-20 Screw-In ARP Wheel Studs
    • OR (10) M12x1.5 Press-In ARP Wheel Studs
    • (2) Timken SET6 Inner Wheel Bearings
    • (2) Timken SET3 Outer Wheel Bearings
    • (2) Inner Oil Seals
    • (2) Billet Aluminum Grease Caps & O-Rings

Price: $649.00
KORE3 News:

Notice: KORE3 is currently stocking reproduction C6 and C6 Z51 2-piston front and 1-piston rear calipers, they're on hand and ready to ship. Please contact us with any questions.

KORE3 is a proud dealer for Hydratech Braking Systems™, the industry leader in hydraulic brake assist conversions for the pro-touring market. Please plan for approximately 90-120 day deliveries on all hydroboost units until further notice.

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